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“A troublesome lot, the pronouns”

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  1. Hello Delbert, thanks for liking my post, THE BULLY IN YOUR BED. Your feedback is always appreciated. I pray all is well with thee.


    • Hi Terry. You are welcome. The facts noted in your Post, “The BULLY IN YOUR BED,” are representative of a great hurt in the (human) world; a flaw in personality and character; a disease affecting the (human) family. This horror must be removed.


      • Hello Del, I totally agree. Sadly, I don’t think this “flaw in personality and character; disease affecting the (human) family” will cease entirely in this fallen world.

        Even so, we must rescue as many as we can. Yes Del, it truly is “a great hurt” that many of us have suffered, will suffer and prayerfully recover from.

        Nice connecting with you as always.


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